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The arrival of E –commerce has meant more work for logistic companies, globally. India is at the vanguard of this booming market & has emerged as a major destination for E-commerce ventures. Modern consumers buy loads of personal stuff like apparels, electronic goods, books & kitchen utensils from e-commerce sites. The fact that there’s no commitment to buy often ends up with a situation where the buyer rejects the consignment. Here arises the cumbersome case of reverse pickup to be done. First Flight with its vast India infrastructure has developed one of the best web server solutions to support this unexpected movement. We deposit all such consignments to a central location of a preferred choice by the customer. Our personnel are responsible for each shipment & are backed by a robust software system to strengthen the process

What is Reverse Logistics

The moment, a product, is returned from the point of consumption by the end user to the point of origin for any reason reverse logistics comes into play.

This is a long process that encounters returns, maintenance, recycling, repairs, & dismantling of products. Reverse logistics, helps the product retain maximum value by cutting down on lost time, improving client service, reducing environmental waste & adding value to corporate citizenship.

The Reverse Logistics process is geared toward avoiding returns, to reduce materials in the forward system & to enhance prospects for reuse & recycling.

Returns are initiated for a multitude of reasons by consumers, retailers, wholesalers & manufacturers. Returns affect the entire logistics chain & need to be dealt with in a systematic manner.

Needless to say, with strict environmental laws manufacturers are under the scanner. Hazardous chemicals, heavy metals are banned from disposal while many items that can be recycled are also on the prohibited list. These telling factors led to a spurt in the area of reverse logistics.

First Flight Reverse Logistic's Process

First Flight follows a deep-fixed, 6 step course of action for distribution & also bringing back customer returns & products that become redundant. The steps include

  • Pick-up directly from your customer or even retailer
  • Fast return delivery
  • Exchange of "dead on arrival" products
  • Full track & trace
  • Global reach
  • Cost effectiveness

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