“Speed” is the buzz word in modern business circles. The problem though is that with most logistic companies speed & safety are diametrically opposite & hardly ever meet- a major compromise on the safety of your consignment & hard-hitting damages. First Flight ensures speedy & safe delivery of your consignments across the country through its specially tailored “Domestic Express Mode” service. As the name suggests this is a superfast means of transporting your consignment- a guaranteed service given top priority dispatched at the first promptly available commercial airline & service transport.

Future Ready

With momentum being the driving force in modern lives there is a tectonic shift in the way rural India is catching up with its urban counterpart. Needless to say the gap is fast closing as the demands of the rural Indian have grown manifold. It is this coming in sight of the emerging market among other parameters which propels our quest to offer surpassing service standards to our customers. As the market leader in the Domestic sector first flight continues to stay ahead of surprises that catch us on the wrong foot, with consolidated future planning.

Corporate Sector

For the corporate sector, we offer bespoke services that bring a reassuring promptness to your business through prioritized pick up & dispatch. The first & the fastest means of air or road transport are utilized to overwhelm any possible delay.

Competitive Pricing

First Flight ensures economic prudence for our customers with its competitive pricing module whereby the tariff for a document dispatch is calculated by volume & distance & the tariff for a non-document dispatch is decided by weight & distance.

Widespread Infrastructure

Our far-reaching network means we cover the remotest parts of India. This effectively means we can reach your parcels safely & in quick time like no other service provider even in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. First Flight Courier offers intercity, intra-city & intra-state services for all your shipments (like Specific?)


To stay on top of the mound in the domestic courier business has been a tough ask. It is with steely determination & perseverance that we've managed to distinguish our presence in the field by offering a slew of products that understand the psyche & need of our customers.
Our products in the domestic category- we call it the "Domestic Express Mode" are slotted in 2 categories Express Dox(Documents) & Non Dox(Non-Documents)

Domestic Express Mode

As the name suggests this is a superfast means of transporting your consignment. A guaranteed service given top priority with our own aircraft or the first promptly available commercial airline & service transport at your disposal. In case of airline transport a company representative courier accompanies the consignment to the destination point. It also goes without saying that our representative ensures urgent repossession of the consignment from the airport to make certain

Letter of Credit Management

The banking industry regards us highly. It is our endeavor to reciprocate with equal warmth .The "Letter of Credit Management" product is a singular concept designed specifically for leading Nationalized & International banks. We facilitate the total transaction in case of the value added services the bank offers.

COD Facility

For those who prefer payment on delivery of goods after receipt we offer the Cash On Delivery facility.

To-Pay Charges Collect Facility

In considered cases we also arrange for the consignee to pay the consignment charges after an agreement with the concerned parties.

Privilege Card for walk-in-clients

Walk in clients are more than welcome at first flight. We also offer lovely surprises to our walk-in-clients bowling them over with a one-time-prepaid cash discount scheme.

Emotional Bond

We realize the value of emotions & underline our presence in your lives with our "Emotional Bond". Sweets, Cakes, Greeting Cards, Bouquets find their way to your business associates, friends & relatives through this inimitable venture.


Many of our business associates need constant updates on the movement of their consignments & other singular contributions from our end . We leave no stone unturned to rally around them with offers to suit their strategies. Some of these customized services include

  • Centralized or De-centralized billing, on request
  • Round the Clock Delivery, on request
  • Residential Deliveries on Sunday, on request
  • Instantaneous electronic confirmation of delivery through website, on request

Innovative, thoughtful & customized courier service to reach out to your near-and-dear ones through "Emotional Bond" on request Total Custodianship of shipments through express transportation by own aircraft, on request

Value Added Services:

Our penchant for providing pioneering services in the business has led us to conjure a multitude of offerings that include

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Offering this pioneering service in the country through POD we provide 100% Electronic/ Internet based proof of delivery. A hard copy of the POD is also made available on request

Customs Clearance

We offer a range of import & export clearance services for our clients.

Know more about required document list for domestic pickup request

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